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There are 1740 city parks in Ibaraki and the total area is 2415.87ha as of March 31, 2010. The park area per 1 person within the boundaries of city plan is 8.41 sq meter. Ibaraki prefectural government maintains parks so that every person is able to use and enjoy surrounded by greenery and utilize as disaster-prevention facility in a time of disaster.
As for prefectural parks, 22 parks including Kairakuen have been maintained as attractive sightseeing bases taking advantage of their characteristics.


Please observe following rules to play enjoyable and safely in the park.

■Restriction (Ibaraki city park regulation Article 3)
You need permission by the governor when you use the park for following behaviors.(Please contact to the parks or the engineering office for more detailed information about an application)

(1) Sale of Goods, Fund-Raising and Other Similar Behaviors
(2) Taking Commercial Photos or Filming Commercially
(3) Give a Performance
(4) Hold an Event Such As Competition or Exhibition in the Park or in a Part of the Park.

■Prohibition (Ibaraki city park regulation Article No.5)
In the park, following behaviors are prohibited. (However, behaviors under license of City Park Law or Ibaraki city park regulation are not applied)
(1)Damage or Stain the Parks
(2)Gather, Cut Down or Injure Trees or Plants
(3)Catch, Kill or Wound Birds, Animals and Fishes
(4)Change a Form of the park
(5)Post a Bill or an Advertisement
(6)Throw Out a Garbage or Other Litter
(7)Build a Fire, Camp Out or Cook Outside the Designated Area
(8)Enter Off-Limits Area
(9)Drive or Park Cars Other than Designated Area
(10)Use Parks for Other Intended Purpose
(11)Other than Above Behaviors, Disturb the Maintenance of Park
(Please ask to the park for more detailed information)

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